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Spring 2017 Registered Classes

Our awesome registered classes span the creative arts and inspire meaningful connections with our bodies and each other.  Come make art, music, move and giggle with us this season! Follow the links below to register or give us a call at 847-859-2312 to save your spot. Hope you can join us for these enriching opportunities.

April 3rd-May 8th, Mondays, 4:15-5:00 pm

Kids HeArt Yoga This innovative program combines yoga and mindfulness with the arts, to co-create a place full of imagination, playfulness, movement and fun for kids of all ages. Children build strength and confidence within themselves and each other through various activities with yoga games, drama, art and music. Each class begins with an art project that relates to the week’s theme, children actively move through related yoga poses using games, drama and music, and ends with a peaceful relaxation. Every session incorporates the importance of teamwork, empathy, self-confidence, and gratitude. Class will run for 6 sessions for 45 minutes.
 (Minimum sign-up of 4 children, max of 15 children). Ages: 4-6. Drop off preferred. Fee: $135 per child (materials included).

April 18th-May 9th, Tuesdays, noon-12:45 pm

Sign + Play with Wendy Auffant (4 Week Mini-Session)
Help your little one share their thoughts, needs & wants with you by learning how to effectively use sign language. Sign + Play teaches babies and toddlers simple, easy-to-do gestures for communicating with their parents and caregivers. Signs are introduced while playing games, singing songs and finger plays, exploring toys and during story time. Parents are provided with strategies to make signing at home successful. Add in parachute and instrument time and you have a class that is both fun and informative. Come Sign + Play with your child! This class is designed for children 6 months-2 years old. Class will run for 4 sessions for 45 minutes.
 (Minimum sign-up of 5 families, max of 8 families). Fee: $95 per child (materials included).

April 18th- May 23rd, Tuesdays, 4:15-5:00 pm

Stomp and Shout At the center of a Stomp And Shout class is music! Music helps develop language skills, develops self esteem, develops listening and math skills, and gives us an amazing foundation to explore using our big beautiful imaginations. We’ll go on adventures, move our bodies in cool kid ways, imagine ourselves as different people, make stories sing, and jam-out on our instruments. If they’re lucky, we’ll let the grownups come along for the ride! A Stomp and Shout class teaches the language of imagination to both grown up and child and encourages the learning to extend far beyond class. Included in your session price are music downloads, and Play At Home Packet chock full of Stomp and Shout sheet music, ideas to engage both parent and child in imaginative adventures at home, and insights and tidbits about raising a creative child. Class will run for 6 weeks for 45 mins. Ages: 9 months-4 years old. Please follow this link to register.

April 5th- May 10th, Wednesdays, 4:15-5:00 pm

Play with Your Food: A Delectable Sandwich of Visual & Culinary Arts Join us for a mash-up of art making and creating with food. This creative and delicious class will explore flavor and making and will allow for practicing important skills of decision making, measuring, construction techniques and problem solving. Come create fake cakes, healthy snacks, and cook up some creative fun at Gather this season. Class will run for 6 weeks for 45 mins. (Minimum sign-up of 4 children, max of 15 children). Ages: 4-6. Fee: $165 per child (materials included).

Wednesdays, April 5th – June 14th (No class May 3rd), 6:30-9:15 pm

Natural Child Birth Classes with Denyse Ffrench The Bradley Method is a system of partner-coached natural childbirth. The intention of Bradley Method classes is to teach methods of relaxation, self-awareness, and comfort measures to deal with the stress of labor as an alternative to medical intervention. The Bradley Method operates on the premise that birth is a natural, normal process, and the laboring woman and her partner can work together through labor, without common medications and interventions, if they have the right tools and support. Classes run for 12 weeks, 2 1/4 hours per class (27 hours total) The size is limited to 8 couples to allow for questions and conversation. Please register early – classes fill up quick. All are welcome. Fee: $350 per couple. Denyse Ffrench is the mother of four, including a set of twins, with very different birth experiences. The breadth of her first hand knowledge with natural and assisted labors and deliveries is invaluable to her teaching expertise. Please check out her website to learn more about her supportive, informative and non-judgmental childbirth class: