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Amanda Evanston

Amanda Evanston on Display in the Main Space

Amanda Evanston is an award-winning artist, author, and life-long color enthusiast. The current exhibition features her vibrant botanicals and “Disco” chickens.  Dedicated to the celebration of botanicals, most days she can be found in her Wilmette studio painting flowers with her design assistant and spirit dog, Abraham.

Barbara Harshman

Barbara Harshman on Display in the Main Space

Barbara Harshman, a local on Greenwich, New York, had her work on display at Mill Creek Miniatures on Florence Ave. in Evanston. We fell in love with her cake still lifes and engaging portraits of food preparation.  All of her work, whether a portrait or a still life, involves transforming a photographic resource into an active painting. Capturing the sensation of movement (liquids pouring from one container into another or hands preparing food) from static photographs has always been central to my work. For this reason, a series of images or progressions of images has always been compelling because inherent in the multiple is activity that transcends the static nature of the original image. It is capturing a process; something in the making. It is art reflecting the making of art. It is in itself a visual statement punctuating what it is at its essence — all about process.


Angela Lyonsmith on Display in the Nest

we weave this for each of you,
knowing some day you will fly,
taking your own dreams on your wings
I am honored to share this series of nests I began painting this year. I first learned of gather because I was exhibiting my artwork in the nest at Gather, now over three years later I am thankful to have contributed to the evolution of this space as a nurturing community resource and center of resilient creativity. This work honors my own nest and the nest we weave together for the children of our community.