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Gather is a shoe free zone – socks are required


Amanda Evanston

Jackie Lakely on Display in the Main Space

Jackie Lakely  is an award-winning artist and art educator. She create worlds that are familiar but unknown, mysterious, and often joyful. She builds these worlds on canvas, paper and board with layers of paint, collage, gels and carving, pastels, charcoal, and other interesting materials and techniques. The end result is a world that is intriguing at a glance and worthy of exploration when the viewer looks more closely.


Angela Lyonsmith on Display in the Nest

we weave this for each of you,
knowing some day you will fly,
taking your own dreams on your wings
I am honored to share this series of nests I began painting this year. I first learned of gather because I was exhibiting my artwork in the nest at Gather, now over three years later I am thankful to have contributed to the evolution of this space as a nurturing community resource and center of resilient creativity. This work honors my own nest and the nest we weave together for the children of our community.