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Tuesday, May TBA, 2-3:00 pm

Coffee Talk with Dr. Sue Have you wondered how your little one perceives and is making sense of the world around them? Enjoy a cup of delicious coffee with Dr. Sue, Associate Professor in the Department of Psychology at Northwestern University. Bring your cognitive development questions and learn about how you can become involved in research at Northwestern’s Infant Cognition Lab. Sue Hespos is a cognitive psychologist specializing in change and continuity in cognitive abilities throughout human development. She strives to improve our understanding of fundamental aspects of cognition through research on object representation, number concept, and the neural mechanisms of perception. Her primary interest is to study core perceptual and conceptual capacities that are common to everyone and to learn how these abilities are influenced by language. The National Science Foundation funds her research. She is an avid bicyclist and loves Chicago because there are endless new, cool restaurants to try.

Thursday, TBA, 11:00 am-noon

Mama Power Hour with Anya This meet-up is offered in conjunction with Mama Power Gear founded to celebrate motherhood and connect moms.  Come connect, relax, and have fun with other local mamas and their little ones for a discounted admission ($10 one child, $5 each additional child) for an all day pass and receive 10% off of any purchases made from Mama Power Gear.
Anya Tanyavutti is a mama. She also has a Master’s in Education and has served as a program and project director , strategic planning consultant, and educator. These days, in addition to chasing a toddler and developing Mama Power Gear, she’s working on growing baby number two and nurturing her love for learning and the arts-all of which she enjoys immensely.

Friday, July 22nd & August 19th, 11:00-noon

Benefits of Essential Oils with Myriam  Come learn how to revamp your medicine cabinet for the health of your entire family. Learn about natural remedies based in the use of essential oils to keep your family free of chemicals used in many over the counter drugs. This month Myriam will be offering guests a free 2 minute light massage with essential oils, aromatouch, created by Dr. David Hill the Executive Chief Medical Officer of doTERRA. Myriam Borrayo is a wife and mother of 4 adorable little ones. She loves sharing how to support the health of mamas and babies through the use of natural, essential oil based remedies.